Case: In optical applications, Beijing Furui De will pay more attention to operability. This includes operability of optical performance and operability of cost. Optimize the solution as much as possible within the theoretical limits of optical performance, while considering cost factors. Beijing Furui De's main products include optical components, imaging components, and optical instruments. In these three major fields, we have different applications, and we will focus on sharing application cases on this page. In terms of optical components, our standard components are applied to various optical path systems to achieve various complex optical paths. We will share some classic cases. In order to meet the special optical path system, we have designed and produced high-precision, special component products. In terms of imaging components, our engineers focus on imaging applications, and our products cover fields such as industrial visual automation, biology, and healthcare. In terms of optical instruments, our instruments are applied in various fields, such as power testing, component optical parameter measurement, and so on.

Testing: The quality control of optical components at Beijing Furui De is strictly carried out in accordance with international standards. Therefore, we have equipped imported testing equipment at the Beijing Testing Center, including: ZYGO plane/sphere interferometer, ImageMaster compact high-precision MFT testing instrument designed by TRIOPTICS GmbH in Germany, OptiCentric 3D mirror spacing and center deviation measuring instrument, HRTritics PrismMaster 0.5 second angle measuring instrument, Tritics OpitSpheric high-precision focal length/center deviation measuring instrument, Tritics Super Spherometer high-precision spherical diameter measuring instrument, and LAMBDA 1050 LUV-VIS-NIR. Spectrophotometer, etc. Each batch of optical components will have a strict testing process to ensure that the products delivered to users are qualified. At the same time, we also provide paid testing services, and customers can specify testing items. We provide testing reports. For customized customers, we can provide free testing services and provide corresponding technical support.


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