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Beijing Furuid (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a supplier of Chinese standard optical components. It can provide you with various optical glass (such as K9, BK7, B270, etc.), optical crystal (such as calcium fluoride, fused silica, sapphire, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, etc.), lens, spectroscope, prism, window piece, filter, reflector, grating and other optical components. Optical components play a role in converging/diverging light, beam separation, reducing stray light, beam selection, reflecting light, and beam divergence in the optical path. These optical components are widely used in education and research, laser processing, industrial automation, life sciences, machine vision, optical communication, semiconductors and other related fields or industries.

Union Optics has a large inventory of standard products in stock, which can achieve the supply of optical components in stock; We have production factories in Chongqing and other places, equipped with high-precision processing and testing equipment, and have the ability to customize precision processing according to your specific needs and applications. We can also provide various optical coating services for your optical components.



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