Lenses can be divided into planar convex lenses (PCX), planar concave lenses (PCV), biconvex lenses (DCX), biconvex lenses (DCV), meniscus lenses, planar convex cylindrical lenses, planar concave cylindrical lenses, aspherical lenses, achromatic lenses, and double bonded lenses according to their shape and function. Lenses have the functions of converging, diverging, and shaping beams in the optical path. Planar convex lenses (PCX)/biconvex lenses (DCX) converge the light rays; PCV/DCV lenses diverge light rays; Non spherical lenses have the same function as double bonded lenses or lens groups in the optical path, which can correct axial aberrations such as spherical aberration and chromatic aberration; Achromatic lenses have the function of correcting chromatic aberration. Beijing Furuite can provide lenses made of optical glass materials (such as K9, BK7, B270, etc.) for applications in the visible spectrum band, and lenses made of optical crystal materials (such as zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, calcium fluoride, fused silica, etc.) for applications in the near-infrared/infrared/ultraviolet spectrum band. Lens products are widely used in optical imaging, laser detection, optical communication, life sciences, optical lighting and other related fields. Beijing Furui De has a large inventory of standard lenses, which can be supplied in stock or customized with various optical lenses according to your application needs.


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