Plano convex lens

Plano Convex (PCX) Lenses focus parallel rays into a point, which is the focal point of the lens. Its characteristic is a positive focal length, with one side being flat and the other side being convex. When in use, the convex surface is usually facing the incident light, because the light incident on both sides of the plane convex lens has a slight difference in refractive index, so the focal length of the two sides is also different. In order to reduce spherical aberration, the beam should be incident on a curved surface as much as possible. Planar convex lenses are commonly used for aiming and focusing monochromatic light sources, converging parallel light, or converting divergent point light sources into parallel light.

Beijing Furui De provides flat convex lenses without coating or with anti reflective coating, which can meet your different applications in various frequency bands. The anti reflective film options include UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR, which are double-sided coatings that can significantly reduce light reflection on the surface of the component and increase the transmittance of the flat convex lens. Beijing Furuite provides a variety of materials for plano convex lenses, among which K9 optical glass substrates are suitable for visible and near-infrared applications, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, calcium fluoride and other substrates are suitable for infrared applications, and fused silica is suitable for ultraviolet applications.

Plano convex lens

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