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Customized service is a design, small batch or mass production service provided by Beijing Furui De to meet the special optical needs of customers. We have optical and structural design engineers who can quickly provide design services; We have factories in Changchun and Chongqing, which can provide you with fast component production and manufacturing services; We have OptiSurf center thickness measuring instrument, MTF measuring instrument, ProCam camera module detection and adjustment system, electronic autocollimator, angle measuring instrument, wavefront measuring instrument, interferometer, focal length measuring instrument and spherical diameter measuring instrument, etc. We can provide quality inspection services for customized products.

If you have special requirements for the optical performance, external weight, working temperature, vibration, and moderation of the product. Beijing Furui De can provide customized services for you.

Our customizable products include optical components, imaging lenses, light source products, optomechanical components, etc. If you are very clear about the parameters of customized products, you can directly contact us for sales to determine the cost and delivery time. If you are unable to clearly customize product parameters for the time being, our engineers will use tools such as AutoCAD and Zemax to assist you.

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